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Hello and thanks for visiting. My name is Michelle Olsen and I am the head whip plaiter of Marlow Acres. My journey into the world of stock whips started at a young age. My parents commissioned the award winning John Frank to make my very first stock whip when I was 10 years old, and that little whip had a lot of use while growing up on the family beef farm in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.  


I now have a collection of three of John's outstanding whips and I am honoured to be taught and mentored by him.


Marlow Acres has been established to embody passion and adventure for all things country. We strive to bring a piece of unique Australian style to our customers with high quality Aussie Stock Whips.


About us

Who are we?
Proudly Australian

 We are proud to craft Australian Made products. We hunt high and low to source our materials from Australian suppliers and manufacturers.


Thanks to our Aussie Product Suppliers


Taubman & Webb Trading Post - Leather

Bayside Services - Cane

Industrial Engravers Australia - Embosser and Stamps

Phoenix Screen Printing

The Wrapping Paper Company